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Peter Dranga was born in 1984 in a family of musicians. His father, Yuri Petrovich Dranga - is a professor at Gnessin Academy of Music Art in Russian; his mother- Elena Kirillovna. Under the influence of his father, Peter began to play accordion. In 1990 he was accepted in Richter music school. During the process of studying Peter mastered different music instruments. The first success came to Peter in 1996 when he won VI Moscow Open Competition of accordionists and in October the same year won the International Competition of accordionists in Castelfidardo, Italy. There were other following contests in which Dranga ranked first. In 1997- participates in 13th International Festival in St. Petersburg In 1998 - speaks at the International Festival in Beijing (China). In the same year wins the International Competition of accordionists in Spain (Asturias). In 1999 - becomes a Laureate at the VII Moscow Open Competition. The same year Dranga begins his concert career organised by Russian Cultural Foundation; graduates from high school, then enrols in Gnesin Academy of Music. 2000 - becomes a winner of “New Names” -Russian competition of musicians. He continues to work for the Cultural Foundation, and begins to work as a designer of submarine landscapes. Besides, Peter forms a vocal-instrumental band “Torre”. And all his spare time he devotes to the arrangement of the studio. In November 2001 - organizes another band. In December 2001 - continues to arrange the instrumental music for the accordion at the studio. There is a conflict between the members of the band and, as a result, the band breaks up. In June 2002 - goes to work in the North Caucasus, and in return creates his own studio and organizes a vocal-instrumental band "Overdrive". Since 2002 writes music for the films, such as "Christmas Fairy-tale" 2008 - director E. Bedarev (; "Hentai" - director A.Legchilova (2010;"You bastard movie" - director D.Filjukov (2005;"Above the city" - director J.Mazurova (2010 ); "When fern blossoms" - director E.Bedarev (2008). Since 2003 travels to hot spots in Russia as a supporter of peace in the World ( Chechnya). Between 2003 and 2006 Peter writes music for modern dance (8 double-basses), gets ready for the show “Perspective”. In September the same year begins working in the metropolitan clubs, holds his first tour in Italy «I love D n B», graduates from the School of Music specializing in solo artist (accordion) and orchestra conductor; is admitted to Gnesin Academy of Music. In November 2004, begins his solo performances on TV. In 2006 starts to perform in the big own concert tours across the Russia and has also played as an actor in such theatrical and movie productions as "Little cigarette" directed by E.Mironov , "Soundtrack Passion" - N.Lebedev; as well as shows up in several shows on TV such as "Сomedy club", "Teffi" Awards, "Golden eagle" Awards, "Fashionable verdict", "Let them talk", "Good Morning, Russia", "Saturday night", "Urmalina" and others; is published in such magazines as "TV Park", "Arguments and Facts", "Cosmopolitan", "Riders Digest", "Komsomolskaya true", "OK", "Hello", "Express", "Evening Moscow", "Live Journal", "Woman's Magazine",on such portals as,,,; performs and is a guest of such FM stations as "Majak - FM", "Russian radio", "Russian news FM", "Moskva-FM", PITER-FM", "KALUGA", "UKR-FM", "Last-FM", "LOVE Radio", "First popular Radio", "Humour- FM" and others. In 2007 masters the new profession (skating) by participating in a show "Stars on Ice”(грищук-дранга.html) Participates in concerts such as "Day of Police", "Celebrate of national friendship" , "Day of children", "Day of people safety", in concerts dedicated to Christmas and others. Since 2007 does a lot of charity work, including investment in education for children in virtue of which he was awarded, helps in event organisation and raises funds for children suffering from leukaemia. And also works for many charity funds involved in the maintenance of children's lives. In 2008 presents his first album "23", starts to performing in Europe (Vienna, France, Spain). In November 2009 creates and releases a new concert 'Perspective" in the concert hall "Russia". Creates his own production company and is engaged in the creation of instrumental music, podcasts and music for television shows and for advertising, as well as collaborates with such famous people as Pakhmutova, Novikov, Paganini and others.